Freaky Ali Full Movie Download Free HD

freaky ali full movie download free

Freaky Ali Full Movie Download Free

Freaky Ali Full Movie Download is a comedy drama Indian movie. This movie about a man who sells underwear on footpath. Fortunetly he became a golfer and it shows next strugling life.His name is freaky ali.

freaky ali full movie download free

:: Freaky Ali Full Movie Review ::

Freaky Ali Full Movie download opens with Siddiqui’s currently legendary ‘chaddi-chaddi’ as we have a tendency to see him making an attempt his best to sell underwears on the road. For successive half-hour, we have a tendency to unbroken questioning what created Siddiqui sign the film. From a really Amitabh-Bachchan-from-the 70’s-style introduction to being the neighbourhood cricket star.

and claiming to be the fighter against destiny – the film moves during a unoriginal, hurried manner that gets on the nerves and fails to ascertain the various characters that keep coming into the frame.

Freaky Ali had a crepitation trailer and created enough buzz amongst the audience with it. With a glimpse of the comic parts within the promos, we have a tendency to were expecting a fun time instead what you get may be a baked film.

The first half flies on an honest note with Ali and Maqsood’s stupid antics. Nawaz’s ‘chaddi’ monologue is uproarious and makes certain you’ve got an honest.

laugh. whereas some dialogues area unit genuinely funny, there area unit a couple of that go beneath the belt. Humor supported physical look, old age, incapacity doesn’t work and its time writers get obviate them.

Sohail Khan has directed quite an few films currently however there still looks to be no sharpening to his work. i’d offer additional credit to the one who cut out the trailer than Khan for guiding the film.

Pre-interval, the film is the right way light-weight with slight emotional sidetracks too however shortly starts to deteriorate. the essential plot of Nawaz turning into a player is comparable to Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore.

The background score seldom matches with the scenes and particularly not within the humourous ones. The music is very average too and none of the songs bump into as hummable ones.

Freaky Ali is that the story of Ali World Health Organization may be a salesperson at alittle undergarments look and is kicked out of his job simply ten minutes into the film. He takes to extortion before his talent as a player is discovered. The journey from alittle ‘basti’ to taking part in during a golf championship is what Khan narrates through his film.

It marks many firsts for Siddiqui – taking part in the most lead during a ‘commercial’ film, his initial dance variety and his initial comedy.As for the performance, Siddiqui proves once more that he’s the star once it involves acting. Seema Biswas, World Health Organization plays his foster momma, is sweet however solely in elements as a result of she has her own share of extraordinary comedy.


:: Freaky Ali Star Casting ::

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ali
Arbaaz Khan as Maqsood
Amy Jackson as Megha
Jas Arora as Peter
Seema Biswas as Sulbha
Nikitin Dheer as Danger Bhai
Asif Basra as Kishan Lal

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