Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu {Buzz}

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu buzz

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu language action drama film by Venkatesh which act as A.C.P. Krishna.This movie is about him and his love story with a criminal’s daughter. Now let’s watch this movie to see what’s going on next.

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Tekugu 2 buzz

:Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu Review:

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu review of this movie which we have witnessed before. ACP Krishna is on the look out for a noted criminal Sastry. The latter’s daughter is the beautiful Sailaja . ACP falls in love with Sailaja but he doesn’t reveal.

Venkatesh was recently seen taking part in roles that area unit nearer to his age has done young ACP character during this film and he has force it off with ease. he’s still comfy doing the characters that he did in Gharshana – characters that needs to mix action and romance. in addition, he has cracked jokes. On Venkatesh shoulders the film moves on and therefore the older actor has effortlessly performed it. Nayanthara appearance sensible however her role isn’t written well. She doesn’t have scenes that’s price talking of tho’ the film is focused round her.

Prudhvi within the half and post interval Posani have return up with sensible comedy track. Prudhvi’s total episode as Battayi (Orange) dealer is humorous . Vennela Kishore and Brahmaji area unit completely wasted. Sampath UN agency plays the role of a villain and Shavukaru Janaki have shown their mark. Murali Shama is seen in inconsequential role. Jayaprakash’s turnout is dangerous and his acting is kind of routine. The film has made picture taking by Richard Prasad. Darling Swamy’s dialogues area unit tight.

Music by Gibran is okay. Of the songs, “Mallela Vaana” and “Babu Bangaram” area unit the simplest. Runtime of the film may be a bit extended however overall piece of writing work is neat. Director Maruthi has passed enroll coping with comedy however he has not succeeded abundant in telling a good plot line. His core strength is telling a film entertainingly and he has shown his mark within the half. however he has tried to play to the gallery and failing at that.

Overall, the primary half the film is its quality with its comedy. however the half lacks diversion.

Babu Bangaram Full Movie Download Telugu Cast:

Venkatesh as A.C.P. Krishna
Nayanthara as Sailaja
Sampath Raj as Mallesh Yadav
Murali Sharma as Commissioner
Jayaprakash as Sastry
Brahmanandam as Magic Mangamma
Posani Krishna Murali as M.L.A.
Vennela Kishore as S.I.Kishore

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